About Us

Who we are

Second Streaming was established to provide optimized streaming audio services to users of virtual worlds, primarily Second Life.  Our custom developed streaming media platform is based on a robust Unix/Linux implementation coupled with SHOUTcast, Icecast and Wowza Media Server for media delivery solutions, this enables delivery of a broad range of content to a plethora of client devices.

Based in the United Kingdom our team are all highly experienced with streaming media and most have a background in technology, broadcast or other areas of pro-audio.

Second Life

We entered the virtual worlds space via Linden Lab’s Second Life, initially in 2005, establishing an active business presence in 2006, our aim is simple, provide an affordable, easy to use and highly available streaming audio service. Today our audio streams are relied upon by many hundreds of DJs, musicians, venues, speakers, comedians and more and not just throughout the vibrant landscape of Second Life either as we now serve many customers across OpenSim based grids as well as other virtual worlds.

Why Second Streaming?

Our value proposition is simple, we deliver a highly professional, solid and ultra reliable service with an unparalleled commitment to customer support and all at a competitive price point.  We don’t oversell servers or bandwidth, we’re here when you need us and we won’t get overly technical with you.

Our team work hard to ensure our services are designed to be as easy to use as possible.

Our Infrastructure

Our infrastructure features the latest Intel Xeon powered servers hosted in ultra modern, environmentally friendly data centres with multiple redundant fibre connections to tier 1 peering points (the global backbone of the Internet).  Our network offers great global coverage and all routing etc. is monitored to ensure the best experience.

Alongside our traditional servers we also utilise a distributed cloud model based around services from Amazon and Google.

Our systems management platforms are all developed in-house to exacting standards, they are scalable, secure, resilient and allow us to offer exceptional value for money in terms of provisioning and service delivery.

Our operations team actively monitor our systems 24 hours per day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year and our aim is to achieve as close to 100% uptime as is humanly possible, thanks to our great software and hardware partners we consistently make this a reality.

Our Management Team

Our team are dedicated to not only delivering you the best, most reliable platform for your streaming audio needs but also to bringing you the best user experience too.  We’re great believers in simplicity and so our systems reflect this, from our easy-to-use billing system to our user tools and stream control panel, everything is designed to just work as it should.

We constantly strive to improve on our products too so we welcome any feedback you may have, you can contact us either via the web site or any of us directly in Second Life.

Siobhan Cassini - Founder & Head Of OperationsFounder & Head Of Operations

Siobhan Cassini

Siobhan is our founder and head of operations, she is responsible for our overall strategy and product development.

Platform Inventor - Systems ArchitectSystems Architect

Platform Inventor

Platform is responsible for developing and running our streaming media systems and content delivery networks.

Simeon Clawtooth - Senior Product ManagerSenior Product Manager

Simeon Clawtooth

Simeon oversees the development of our media streaming service offerings and other products.

Amy Rugani - UI & UX DesignUI & UX Design

Amy Rugani

Amy is responsible for the user interface and experience elements of our rental systems and customer tools.

Roisin Okelli - Operations ManagerOperations Manager

Roisin Okelli

Roisin oversees our day-to-day operations and manages our support teams.

SecondStreaming Lisa - Billing ManagerBilling Manager

SecondStreaming Lisa

Lisa looks after our billing and administration systems.

Paloma Firecaster - Web & Social Media ManagerWeb & Social Media Manager

Paloma Firecaster

Paloma oversees our web and social media operations, she is also responsible for marketing and promotions.

Segun Arriaga - Business & Education ConciergeBusiness & Education Concierge

Segun Arriaga

Segun provides concierge services for our business and education customers this includes support and planning for large events and distance learning projects.

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