Once you have downloaded and installed Mixxx and the Lame Encoder (link on the Mixxx site, you will be unable to stream without it!) you are ready to configure it to connect to your SHOUTcast stream.

Once Mixx is running navigate to Options on the menu and choose ‘Preferences’ from the resulting window select the ‘Live Broadcasting’ option, you will see the screen below.

You are now ready to input your settings information to connect to your stream.  First from the Type menu select Shoutcast skip the Mount field and enter your stream’s IP address in the Host field, your stream’s port number in the Port field, skip the Login field and finally enter your password (regular password, not your admin password) in the Password field.

Next, optionally complete the Stream settings section, your Second Streaming stream is designed for use within Second Life and therefore is supplied as a private stream so the Public Stream checkbox which publishes data for the various SHOUTcast radio directories is not required, however, many of the stream displays available in Second Life will use the display data so go ahead and complete your Stream Name, Website (if applicable), Description and Genre fields.

Lastly we have the encoding settings, Your Second Streaming stream will support connections of up to 192Kbps, however, whether your ISP connection can maintain this will depend on the number of applications using your internet connection, cable/wifi quality, how many hops your providers’ network takes to reach the backbone of the Internet, contention ratios etc. We recommend you start at 96Kbps as a baseline, the quality of audio at this rate is near CD and will provide a great listening experience for most listeners.  It can take some trial and error to find the best connection speed to use, even with a fairly poor connection you should be able to sustain a minimum of 48Kbps. To get started, set your Bitrate to 96Kbps, Format to MP3 and Channels to Stereo.

The Custom metadata section is for advanced users and for most can remain off.

Once your settings are in, click the checkbox Enable live broadcasting so it is ticked, once you click OK on the Preferences window Mixxx will connect to your server and you are ready to go!

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