iBroadcast for iPad

Once you have downloaded and installed iBroadcast from the AppStore you are ready to configure it to connect to your SHOUTcast stream.

To configure your stream connection settings click the ‘i’ button on the Encoder bar to the lower right of the screen.


The screen will change to your settings window, here we can enter the connection information for your SHOUTcast stream.  Your Second Streaming stream is a SHOUTcast 1.9.8 stream so you will only need to input the Server/Port (your stream’s IP address followed by a colon : and the port number) and your Password (the regular password, not your admin password) and reconnect to ON in the first section Shoutcast.  The second Audio section should be set to Format mp3 Bitrate 96 (iBroadcast allows you to use up to 128K and a lower of 32K for encoding, what you can sustain will depend on the quality and type of your wireless connection, be that 3G/4G or WiFi) and Stereo ON.  The Station section allows you to input your Name, Genre and a Website link, these are optional as your stream is set to private and therefore not included in the SHOUTcast radio directories, however several of the display boards in Second Life will display this information so it is useful to set, Public should be OFF.  Once these settings are complete touch the Done button to return to your main screen.


You are now ready to start your broadcast, to connect simply press the ‘Play’ button in the Encoder section of the screen.  Your connection information and status will be displayed in the Encoder section.


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